Bigger isn’t always better. But we don’t believe in quality versus quantity – we just want you to sit back, lick your fingers and say, “damn, that’s a good pizza.” Our customers are hungry, not just for our 22-inch pizzas (that’s almost 4x a regular 12-incher, by the way), but for delivery that doesn’t suck. We’ve seen how they do it in New York and now we’re doing it here. If you’re picking up what we’re stretching out, we’ll see you in store or at your door. Bigger isn’t always better… unless it’s EPIC.

“Your pizza should be called ***king Epic Pizza. Seriously... next time I’m coming in for the 22 Inch.”


“Just ate a whole 22 inch pizza. Not sure whether to cry or order again... ”


“Epic Pizza saves lives. Forgot my wife’s birthday and just when I thought life wasn’t worth living, Epic delivered.”